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sorry if you need mackerel meat or want to try a mackerel, I can supply it

Try offering via telephone, so that the comm will be the owner right away :)

Can transfer to Sahid hotel

Pake gofood aj gan

Ask for ntlp. can it or not ... at the hotel novotel ... can I send it?

Sorry I don't have it, if I want to take it to its place

Pempeknya is a normal place, service is very lacking, old and cashier is only 1

Usually the service is swift, maybe he's tired, :)

What is the price range for the package by? Then what are the contents? Thank you

1 week ago right through jl. Sudirman stopped by to eat Pempek 123 ... it turned out to be pretty good and the cuko was spicy ... the taste was almost the same as Pempek Beringin in Palembang .. my 150,000 package price got 30 pieces

How long does it take to ship to Central Java when placing an order?

It can take 3-5 days depending on expedition and delivery area

There is a soft package for the souvenirs

Biasanya ada...

Bias can send epe empe 21 or not

Hahaha ... So cute

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